Monday, 14 November 2011

ABWM Charity Christmas Bazaar

Yup...I had to work again. This time was at Le Meridien Hotel for a charity Christmas bazaar. It was on Sunday morning. Can you imagine? My Sat and Sun morning both devoted to work? Such a good employee. Anyway, I was there from 8.30 am up till 3.00 pm.

We had 2 booths. One was a prize draw and the other was games for the kids. A banner with holes in it and they must throw the ball through the holes. Each kid gets 3 tries and if they put it through, they would win a Gummy Bear (pac of 5) or else some silly candies just for trying out.

I was in charge in the kids room and oh my goodness...Imagine kids running so wild. And balls for them to throw and play and and the best part is all the candies and sugar rush they get from the prizes we were handling out. Some kids were so cute and adorable I just wanted to squish and bite and smack sloppy kisses on their cheeks. But some were like devil's sent. Shouting back, ignoring us, jumping, yelling, kicking....Mostly the boys. They were superbly wild and naughty! 

Each of them would come so near to me like they were gonna eat me cause I was holding and handing out the candies!I got insane at one part and called my other friends on the other booths to swap with me. Thank god! Other than that, I was just taking care of my booth and getting people to sign up for the FREE prize draw. I never really got a chance to walk around and see what other stalls were selling.

It was crowded. But I managed to buy story books. 2nd hand ones. Guess how much were they selling it for? Each I mean. RM1.00! I know!! I went insane. After I grabbed 10 books and paid RM 10.00, they announced the books were now on sale at 50cents each! Unbelievable. I went back again for round two and got another 10 books for RM 5.00 . I managed to buy books only for Ikhwan. They had alot of Mafia murder type of books and he loves them so much. For me? Nah...Had no time. Had to work. But I didn't really want any for me. Have too many things to do lately can't seem to find a spare time to read.

The Kids Game

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