Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wonderfulness Wednesday

Good things happen to good people and patience plays a major part in it. Love November...have been receiving great news all of November. Feel so blessed and loved by Him. Amin!!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Pushing the Limits

Every morning at work we have MMM (Monday morning meeting) with the Directors of the company and since last week, my GM would play inspirational videos at the end of the meeting just to encourage us that nothing is impossible if we push our limits and not be afraid to get out of the safe comfort zone we tend to revolve around.

Since Monday was a bank holiday, we had our meeting today and this time the video he played was so inspiring. It made me stop and think of how much I always "wish" or "dream" to achieve something but never seem to. Instead, I often find excuses and constantly blame on my surroundings. All will change. One step at a time. And I managed to do that today. I set my mind to it and I accomplished it. Amazing!!!!

The gym!! Last year Ikhwan and me joined Celebrity Fitness at Wangsa Walk and let me tell you, that gym is full of crap. The equipment in that particular outlet was bullshit.'s not an excuse. Seriously. You would have to literally line up to wait for your turn to use the treadmill or even the cycling machines. Weights also. It was very frustrating. By the time it's your turn you eventually get demotivated and do lesser than you wanted to.

Today was my first day in True Fitness. Ikhwan is already a member there and he is a gym-holic. I love his body. So lean and muscular. *Hamna hamna hamna...drool* Anyway, back to my story, since I won a free 1 month pass to use the gym, I decided to make the best and most out of it unlike when I was paying at celebrity fitness. Never lost a kilo at all!! *pfft*..

I remembered the video my GM showed last week and today, and I got so inspired that I pushed myself to limits I never did before while working out. I was so impressed with myself in how much I managed to do today. I have never been so proud and pleased with myself in working out schedule. Usually I would play cheat. But no...not today. I would say I went the distance. A bit dramatic I know

All I was thinking in my head while working out were how ugly my pictures look like now-a-days cause I have gained weight. Or how my closet is filled with unworn and brand new clothes with the tags still attached which I bought way back when I was a size zero. Yes....I was once a size zero. *sigh* those were the days where I could wear anything and buy everything without even trying on. I could shop from the racks. Things have changed. Now, I would have to line up to go try the clothes on and come out so sad cause I look so horrible.

But all that is going to change very very soon. I am pushing my limits to win the 6 months FREE membership to the gym and the additional 2 NEW Skechers shoes. One for my love and one more for ME!!! As a reward for my achievement in weight loss. Lucky me Ikhwan is my personal trainer. He knows what he is doing in the gym. So lesson from today's post is, if I can do it, so can you. Check out the video my GM showed us today and last week. Hope it inspires you as how it inspired me. We have to find the voice inside our head that pushes us to the limits we never thought was possible. Everyone has that voice. The difference is some of us find it and some of us don't. Which one are you ?


Monday, 28 November 2011

Lil Rascal

My aunty and little cousin, Farah came over for dinner last night and slept over. Oh my goodness...isn't she the most adorable little thing ever created . We couldn't get enough of her. She was up till 3am with us watching TV and our lil rascal was wide awake laughing, drooling and obviously crying dramatically when she gets angry that she can't reach for her pacifier.

She is only 5 months old. She is such a happy baby. She hardly cries and she laughs a lot. It's so nice to carry her and hear her excited voice giggle. But she drools like oh goodness...She farts a lot too. Hahaha...a cute type of fart. And I noticed every time she farts, she will carry her both legs up and reach her hands to her toes. And out comes the cutest fart. I can imagine the fart as small little cute circle bubbles. Weird I know!

She was so adorable, I decided to wrap her up in the blanket like a Baby Jesus. And guess what! She enjoyed it...she did not fuss about at all. She actually fell asleep whenever we wrapped her up.I was also forcing my aunty to allow me give her Fruit Juice. When I say fruit juice I mean freshly squeezed ones. So I made apple with celery juice for her and made her drink. Her face..was priceless. She hated it so much. We were having fun putting the bottle in her mouth and she kept refusing to suck it. I love her so much! Wanna bite her cute nose!! ARGH!!














Friday, 25 November 2011

Blessed Friday

Went and choose my FREE Skechers Fitness Shoes at Pavilion Skechers store with Mia just now. Oh my goodness! We were so excited. I could choose ANY of the Fitness Skechers shoes. Mia and me were laughing non-stop. So sweet of her to feel all excited with me. Some people would just envy the other. But not her!! She was actually the one busy asking them the benefits of the different types of shoes. All I did was look at the shoe colours and patterns.

We were asking so many questions. Giggling non-stop and I can't remember why. Want to know the best part? I didn't even look at any price tags as I was choosing my shoe. In the end I finally came to a decision and chose the Fitness Shape-up light weight shoe. Gorgeous. All they had were mostly in PINK and I hate pink. So I went with the most attractive eye-catching shoe on the display.
If I end up losing the most weight by the 19th of December, I will receive another 6 months FREE True Fitness pass and another 2 pairs Skechers shoes. One for me and the other for my Ikhwan. 

Came back up to the office and Mia helped snap the pictures of my shoes for me at her table. Thank you!!! And then guess what?? *Bam!!*. Received an excellent news from Ikhwan's side of expertise. Sorry...won't be able to share it with you guys cause I would like to keep Ikhwan's private life out of my blog for now. Anyway, back to his good news, am hoping for the best of it. Amin ... Love today ! 

Ikhwan Sha                                                          

"When you are in love, you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams :- Tasneem Najeeb "
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Thursday, 24 November 2011












If you have not watched them, you ought to go out and buy the complete box set.It's a must-watch series, to me! However, I doubt you will ever be able to get the classic long overrated bold and the beautiful. Can keep repeating them and will still laugh my ass off or get so hooked into the drama like I don't know what's coming next although I have watched them like a million times 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Arabian Night

Managed to snap a few pictures of my cousins wedding which was in the 20.11.2011. Sorry if they are not clear. Imagine the crowd in front of me as i'm trying to snap these little snippets! Did the best I could. When the professional photographers pics are up, I will attach them here too. Thank you. By the way, Aswad looked gorgeous. Congratulations !! 

malam berinai

hantaran for HIM

Reception - Arabian Night couldn't get any pictures of the deco. Basically it was the restaurants deco.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Almost there

 Bought my cloth for my engagement and wedding ceremony already..wohoo....It's gorgeous and I am so excited about it.  I wanna post a picture of it here but if I do, then there won't be any surprise left on my actually engagement and wedding ceremony day. Guess ya all would have to wait!! Am starting to feel like it's real now...Really happening.

My weekend was full. Attended my cousin's wedding. Happy for her being married and all but it's sad in a way. She will be moving to Singapore since her husband is from there. Boo hoo.. She looked so freaking gorgeous. Her younger sister started crying when she officially became his wife. So touching. Yeah..they were very I mean very close. Touched everyone. Hang in there Emma. You still gots me. Will post up pictures of her wedding soon. Other than that , I blew my diet. I had Briyani Rice at her wedding. Couldn't resist it. Come on!! It's a celebration. *yikes*

Oh yeah. Guess what?? I joined a competition on I wanna lose weight Skechers and I WON!!! What did I win? Ahem...A pair of skechers shoe and complimentary gym at True Fitness for a month. Well, they chose 4 winners and I'm one of them. What I would have to do is work-out obviously and by 19th December 2011, they will weigh me and the other 3 finalists. The person who loses the most weight from tomorrow wins another pair of Skechers shoe and complimentary gym membership at True Fitness for 6 whole months! What an awesome way for me to continue my diet etc. Now I can join Ikhwan and work out with him, since he does use True Fitness. Wohoooo....

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The start of something new

I honestly need to start something new. Try something new in life. How can I be an entrepreneur if I don't do it now or soon. I am not getting any younger. And the world is changing tremendously. In business, marketing and economically. Life is changing. Kids now-a days are much more into stuff compared to me when I was their age. I mean how do I keep up in this world?

I have decided to embark on a new journey. I need to find my true inner self and list what I am capable of doing.  Business wise obviously. I have always dreamt big. But never put my foot down on my dreams. I just realized that I would always come up with some stupid excuse and reason why I won't be able to do what I wish to do. 

It is either I don't have the funds for it, talent or even time. This has got to stop. No one became successful in doubting themselves or even putting things at pause. It's about time I wake up and smell the coffee. Looking through my old diaries, I realized I had so many ideas when I was young in what I want to do when I grow up. Big mistake ever! I should have done all that back then. Now, other people have successfully done what I longed to do. And somehow I feel the ideas are not as unique as they use to be. No use crying over spilled milk.

I need help in ideas. This is where I am reaching out to you all. My readers. I would really appreciate it if each of you would spare a couple of minutes taking part in my survey, which you can find at the top tab of my blog.Answer simple questions and you can help me figure out what my next big thing would be. Business wise of course. And then, I could take it from there and who knows, someday just someday I could reach out to you in many ways you and I would never know. Thank you.

Hectic Mectic

I have been so busy with work to update my blog. Sorry guys !! Work has been insane! I have been so exhausted the whole week. Everyday after work, I get home, watch a little of TV and by 8.30pm I would be all cuddled up in my blankie and in bed snoozing away. That's how exhausted I am. And I have no idea why. Even when my alarm rings at 6.30 am, my eyes are still way too heavy to open and hit the showers. Seriously...why??

I have just came up with a new project. But haven't really had the time to properly start. QUILT making! me lame but I love doing all this stuff. It excites me. *sigh* Well, as I was saying, I haven't really started on my quilt making but I have finished the design pattern etc with measurements. And then my friend Mia gives me another brilliant idea and now I will have to re-design my quilt pattern and measurements and of course buy new cloth to suit the idea she gave me. Such a genius Mia is. See, I told you guys a fashion-go-to Guru is her! Thanks Mia!!! 

What I have planned up for this week? Okay...tonight design the new pattern idea Mia gave me. Then Friday, what else??....DATING!!! Saturday & Sunday attending my cousin's wedding the Arabian Night Themed wedding I mentioned. Will take pictures and share with you all. Oh by the way!! I am dying for REAL FOOD!! I have a craving for Nasi Lemak Daun know the packet ones wrapped in banana leave? Argh!!! I want to eat real food...Not my Styrofoam oats. 

Monday, 14 November 2011

ABWM Charity Christmas Bazaar

Yup...I had to work again. This time was at Le Meridien Hotel for a charity Christmas bazaar. It was on Sunday morning. Can you imagine? My Sat and Sun morning both devoted to work? Such a good employee. Anyway, I was there from 8.30 am up till 3.00 pm.

We had 2 booths. One was a prize draw and the other was games for the kids. A banner with holes in it and they must throw the ball through the holes. Each kid gets 3 tries and if they put it through, they would win a Gummy Bear (pac of 5) or else some silly candies just for trying out.

I was in charge in the kids room and oh my goodness...Imagine kids running so wild. And balls for them to throw and play and and the best part is all the candies and sugar rush they get from the prizes we were handling out. Some kids were so cute and adorable I just wanted to squish and bite and smack sloppy kisses on their cheeks. But some were like devil's sent. Shouting back, ignoring us, jumping, yelling, kicking....Mostly the boys. They were superbly wild and naughty! 

Each of them would come so near to me like they were gonna eat me cause I was holding and handing out the candies!I got insane at one part and called my other friends on the other booths to swap with me. Thank god! Other than that, I was just taking care of my booth and getting people to sign up for the FREE prize draw. I never really got a chance to walk around and see what other stalls were selling.

It was crowded. But I managed to buy story books. 2nd hand ones. Guess how much were they selling it for? Each I mean. RM1.00! I know!! I went insane. After I grabbed 10 books and paid RM 10.00, they announced the books were now on sale at 50cents each! Unbelievable. I went back again for round two and got another 10 books for RM 5.00 . I managed to buy books only for Ikhwan. They had alot of Mafia murder type of books and he loves them so much. For me? Nah...Had no time. Had to work. But I didn't really want any for me. Have too many things to do lately can't seem to find a spare time to read.

The Kids Game

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Celebrity Name game

Ikhwan has this annoying habit that seriously ticks me off but at the same time I enjoy it. A guilty pleasure I say.. I call it The Celebrity Name game. He will pull this thing out of the blues or when we are watching a movie which happens much frequent. Don't understand it? Okay.

He will suddenly ask me "What's that celebrities name? The one who acted in bla bla bla movie?" And every time he does that my mind goes blank. Like I can see the celebrities face in my head, but the name will not pop out until we get frustrated and not speak. No no...not cause we argued. Cause the both of us will be concentrating so freaking hard to recall the name. It drives a person insane. Especially when you know the name but can't seem to say the name. You know what I mean? Ever experience that before?  Like it's there but not quite there?

Or for instance while in the cinema, I hate it when this happens. As the movie is running, he will whisper "hey what movie did he/she act before?" Like who cares...just watch the movie. When he asks that, I won't be able to concentrate anymore. Why? Cause my mind is busy figuring out the name of the movie he/she acted previously. 

A couple of times it got so drastic that we could not manage to come up with the answer to his question, we would actually call either his brothers or sister up or even my sisters up just to ask the question just so our minds could rest at ease. You may find it weird. But it happens alot to us. Actually it happens him

So, as for today, after lunch, Ikhwan suddenly asked. "What is Tom Cruise's wife name?" I went blank. It took us almost to an hour to finally say the name. He was like " I know it is Kate something". Then Ikhwan would list all the names of celebrity that has Kate in it. And no it does not help cause it makes me, us, even more confused. Finally....while buying his game I suddenly yelled out Katie Holmes....Aaaaah....Peace!!!

Today we added some extra fun in the car on the way to KLCC. We played guess the celebrity name game. Each of us would take turns asking "Okay what's his/her name? The one acted in bla bla bla movie". It was so freaking fun...I couldn't say..... crap...I forgot her name! Oh yeah Helle Berry the one who acted in Catwomen. I also forgot Michael Douglas, the one who acted in Wall Street. He couldn't answer Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe from Friends. Neither did he manage to answer David Schwimmer, who played Ross Gellar.

We kept cursing at each other. And to make things more fun, we would purposely confuse each other with other names. *smile* Everytime before a movie starts, I would quickly say "NO......don't.....just watch!" or suddenly I feel a poke on my arm from him I would quickly say "No.....stop...." Then he would turn away and pretend to watch but I know his mind is trying to figure out the answer to whatever his question may be. Then I would feel so bad, I will ask him what the question is and then we would both start thinking. Hahaha....So hilarious. I still remember once. In the cinema during Pirates of the Caribbean he asked something about something I can't remember and we couldn't figure it out that Ikhwan actually called his brother while we were in the cinema just to get the answer to his question. I told you...we are funny in the silliest ways. At least we enjoy the same crap!


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Green Walk at Garden International School

Was up at 6am on a Saturday morning. Had to head out to Garden International School at Mont Kiara. They had a Green Walk event and my company was the sponsor. Being an employee there, I had to attend the walk but thank god I didn't have to take part in the actual event which was a 2km walk. 

We had a prize draw. We do it every year at most international schools in KL. Anyway, the prize was the latest Game Boy. The kids were so excited filling up their names hoping to win. There was one particular kid who came to our booth with a sad face saying he was wishing it was him. Unfortunately he was not so lucky today.

After the event at 12 noon, Ikhwan came pick me up and we went for our date. Went to One Utama. Had lunch at Nandos. It was so much fun. We were talking about secrets we never told a soul during our childhood days. Embarrassing stuff we finally shared with each other. Everyday I learn something new about the man I love so dearly. And it is exciting that way. We never fail to bore each other out. I hope it would forever be that way. Somehow I know it will.

After a nice long relaxing lunch, it was time for our movie, Immortals! Awesome!! Greek god type of movies just excite me so much. I wish I was a goddess. Well actually, after every movie we watch I wish I was the character. Let it be from a boxer, a robot, to a vampire. It's just one of those things that keeps me excited and believing in hopes and dreams although they are un-realistic. Ikhwan also had a pit stop at the game shop. Football Manager 2012 has been released. Bought it and the excitement on his face was priceless. I know he couldn't wait to go home and play.

Dinner was at KLCC, Milanos, at Signatures. The best Pastas ever. Oh we did manage to stop by at Candylicious. Which reminds's OPEN!! And we went insane. Only at the Reese's section. But oh my goodness. They so overcharge. Seriously. Like the buttercups are being sold at RM 26 for a small bag. The one I bought at Genting was way cheaper and a bigger packet. They didn't allow people to snap pictures so...sorry guys! Need to check em' out yourselves when you are in KLCC.

We ended the date in Ikhwan's ultimate favourite stop and my No 1 hatred place ever. CAR WASH. I dunno why but after every single date we always have we MUST end it at the car wash. He says that's the happiest place for him to be at. By the way guys, I blew my diet today. I had 4 Reese chocolates. The balance?? In a tupperware in my room. Only allowed to eat it when I see Ikhwan. That sound reasonably fair. I love him! And I miss him already!!! A perfect ending for a perfect date. *sigh*

Friday, 11 November 2011

Why do Malaysians LOVE white-mixed people ?

This thing has been bugging me for quite sometime and now that I have a blog, I shall just lash out my thoughts and feelings. Sorry if I may offend any of my readers or anyone out there but I just gotta let it out before I literally burst.

Last night, I somehow knew the Miss Malaysia Universe 2012 winner would be Kimberley Leggett. And my predictions came true...I  knew Malaysians would vote for her to win because she has white mixed in her blood. Yes yes..she was born in Malaysia but why oh why can't we ever send a pure Malaysian? She did mention in an interview saying what is pure Malaysian? It's 1 Malaysia and bla bla bla.

Hear me out please my dear readers. It doesn't mean that if you are born in Malaysia you are a pure Malaysian. In Kimberley's case her parents are not Malaysians. She is Eurasian. So...It's not that I hate her. I'm happy she won! But come on! The only reason she won is cause she is white mixed. That's why all the boys go wow....Truth be told, she will never make it even 2nd round in Miss Universe 2012.Do you think she will be able to stand out when she is next to Miss India? Miss Spain? Miss Portugal? Miss Brazil?Miss Venezuela? Miss Russia?  Not a chance babe!

Did you guys know that even Deborah Priya Henry, the one who oh so proudly represented Malaysia and oh so beautiful she is really gorgeous is NOT i repeat NOT a Malaysian?? She was born in Ireland. So what if her dad is Malaysian Indian. So what if she studied in Kuala Lumpur. She was not born here. Therefore how can she represent Malayasia? And...if you look closely, those chosen are always people linked with whites.

Either mixed, born there, or studied there and grew up there. Funny part is, they have the accent when they have only been studying overseas for 3 years of their life. Funny how these people come back thinking they can be Malaysia's spokesperson etc when they can't even try to be a normal Malaysian. *Pheeeew* that felt so good.

Again guys, sorry if I may have offended any of you. I am not saying Kimberley shouldn't win but all I am saying is there are plenty other beautiful girls out there who could do us some good. What I really wish to say is Why can't Malaysians stop trying to be like the western people and stop looking up to them so much. At home here, we have plenty of exclusive role models and successful gorgeous people to look up to.

To my readers from overseas, I am not saying you guys are not great, It's just that here, in Malaysia, they look up to foreigners too much and forget about the people here at home. That's why people like Jimmy Choo and Dato' Michelle Yeoh. Tengku Azura and Amir Lokman had to go out of Malaysia to hit jackpot. They know Malaysian's will never give them an opportunity until they are known overseas. Then only will Malaysians proudly say "oh yeah...he/she is a Malaysian okay" 


Pictures : Courtesy of  Miss Universe Malaysia 2012

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Disney Princess Wedding Gowns

Oh my goodness. Came across this fantastic wedding gown collection, inspired by Disney Princesses. How beautiful they are. *sigh* How I wish fairy-tales really do exist. I want dresses like these. I just feel like wearing each and every piece to the mall, dinner and everywhere. It's too pretty to not wanna wear them every single day.

Who started the trend that wedding gowns are only meant for wedding days?? I wanna have a one on one talk with that dooshbag. Why can't we all wear any of these dresses any day we wish to feel like a real princess as we walk out the door? Call me crazy but I am just too in love with these dresses.How on earth do brides pick just one dress for her wedding. I would go bonkers.

Celebrity look-a-like

Ever heard of the saying that there are 7 people on the world who will look alike? Well, have any of you found your look-a-like? Check out what I saw on msn Malaysia. I was speechless.

Celebrity lookalikes (Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage; AP File Photo)
Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton

Celebrity lookalikes (Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage)
Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly

Celebrity lookalikes (Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage; AP File Photo)
Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman

Celebrity lookalikes (Photo: John Shearer; Steve Granitz/WireImage)
Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff

Celebrity lookalikes (Photo: Jesse Grant/WireImage)
Krysten Ritter and Anne Hathaway

Celebrity lookalikes (Photo: SGranitz; Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage)
Joey Lauren Adams and Renée Zellweger

Celebrity lookalikes (Photo: Steve Granitz; Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage)
Weird Al and Kenny G

Celebrity lookalikes (Photo: SGranitz; John Shearer/WireImage)
Angelina Jolie and Brittany Murphy

Celebrity lookalikes (Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage; AP File Photo)
Morgan Freeman and Kofi Annan

Celebrity lookalikes (AP File Photo)
Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel

Celebrity lookalikes (Photo: Jason Merritt; Jordan Strauss/WireImage)
Jordin Sparks and America Ferrera

Celebrity lookalikes (AP File Photo)
Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal

Celebrity lookalikes (AP File Photo)
Isla Fisher and Amy Adams

Celebrity lookalikes (AP File Photo)
Ke$ha and Courtney Love

Celebrity lookalikes (AP File Photo)
Timothy Olyphant and Josh Duhamel

Celebrity lookalikes (Photo: Jordan Strauss; Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)
Penelope Cruz and Paz Vega

Celebrity lookalikes (AP File Photo)
Adam Lambert and Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel

Celebrity lookalikes (AP File Photo)
Sarah Palin and Tina Fey

Celebrity lookalikes (AP File Photo)
Nicole Scherzinger and Kim Kardashian

Celebrity lookalikes (AP File Photo)
Michelle Monaghan and Michael Jackson

Any of you look like any celebrity ? Or now someone who does? Drop me a line and I will post it here for the world to be the judge. Wonder who my "twin"is. I know who Ikhwan's one is *smiles*

Pictures : Courtesy of Msn Malaysia