Monday, 10 October 2011

Tick Tock

My engagement is approximately in 5 months time and I have yet so much to do. OMG... You might think "ala 5 bulan lagi...lek ah..." that's what I was thinking and then my friend was like "hey, you know what, it's in 5 months time", and I started to panic (no no am not having 2nd thoughts).

I have to quickly figure out what colour my theme is and visualize what kind of decorations I want. Thank god it's only gonna be close family. And one thing is for sure, I have decided to D.I.Y the flowers and door gifts boxes. 

Right!! Now lets get started. I'm gonna seriously figure out the theme colour than only can I move on to the decorations pattern etc. and the other minor details. Lets not forget my hantaran. Still no idea. Need to find dulang. 

After typing all this I realized I am so out of time. I gotta buy all the minor decoration stuff and my hantaran stuff too. Merisik in 01.01.2012....*SIGH* Breathe Tazzy!!!

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