Monday, 10 October 2011

Theme Colour 2012

There are too many colours to choose from. But most important is to pick colours that actually MATCH. The number one mistake is some people choose colours that don't match. But to me, as long as you feel is goes and suits your taste than you shouldn't worry what people say. I say be a trend maker than a follower. However, we must always remember that too many cook spoils the soup. So limit the colour combinations or it might just turn out like a blown up colour machine.And you wouldn't want that.

Below are some gorgeous colour combinations (NEVER go more than 3 colours). I think that is very important to remember and take note when combining colours for your theme.

 natural and organic themed wedding

Soft pinks, pale coffee and rich cream colour schemes

purple fused with orange

 cherry red teamed with blue

I even found this on-line. Some colour combinations that match. Hope it helps !! 

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