Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Planning Tips

1.Number of Dulang
This depends on your personal choice. Doesn't matter if it's for engagement or wedding there is no fixed number. However, you must remember the bride always gives +2 more than the groom.

Very important to decide on the theme. Things that need to be decided on are basically the colors of your decorations & your door gifts. Once that is done it will give you a rough idea on how to combine colors to your gubahan. Some people even make their "dulang girls" dress in a theme color along with the family members,depending on each individual. As for me, i am not making anyone dress in specific colors.(bare in mind my engagement is so small, nothing fancy.Close family only)

3.My budget 
One thing you guys should know about me is i LOVE to save!! Every penny counts to me.Anyway, once you draw up your budget for each dulang & decorations with door gift, it would give you a clear picture on what to look for and where. Make sure you do not change your budget! Let it be a couple of cents extra(calculate how much extra you would be spending per item and total of lump sum) because the item is just too cute/ irresistible.Especially if DIY the materials etc, survey properly before purchasing and deciding.

4.DIY / Professional Help
If you have decided to go to a professional than go ahead. But for those who wish to do it on your own, make sure you have a clear picture on the decorations.Either sketch it out or cut out the ideas from magazines / internet.From patterns,flowers,ribbons,and even what type of boxes for door gifts(material/paper).It is hard work but all worth it once you see the outcome.Especially the comments (if it's gorgeous) by your guests.

5.Rent/Borrow or Buy Dulang
If you are using a professional's help than you wouldn't need to worry about this part.However, for the DIY readers, if you can afford to buy than go ahead.As for others, you need to find the cheapest rentals out there.(check out my Links tab).Depending also on the type of dulang you wish to use.Patterned ones or the normal simple ones.If you have friends who own dulangs than woowie...FREE!!! Also do not forget about the coverings of the dulang.I suggest buy curtain cloth which has bling blings and you wont need more than 2 meters & sew the sides.

6.List of items for hantaran
Be sure to discuss with your partner things both of you wish to give each other.Do not leave out the main traditional items which can't be changed.Once both of you have agreed to the items,just have a run through with your parents(just in-case)

7. Purchase Items
Once the list is completed, it's time to SHOP!!The key is to know the places that carry nice expensive looking items at affordable prices.To me,despite how high your budget is,it always matters to survey first cause not everything that is expensive means is good quality and the best. On this part, you can either shop with your partner together or with your own family (as a surprise to him).As for me, I would prefer with him that way he can choose and so can I.

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