Monday, 17 October 2011

My Happiest Moment

Ever since 2001, after my elder sister and my cousins from my mother's side (we were close to them) left for university to study, we have NEVER had a complete Hari Raya. Every Raya since 2001 onwards, someone was missing. Either my elder sister, or my cousin or someone. Time flew and more of us were out of the country to study and couldn't come back for Hari Raya holidays.

In 2009, after long 8 years. We had the first ever COMPLETE Hari Raya celebration. Everyone i mean everyone was there. No one was away and couldn't come back to celebrate Raya. And we managed to get a full family photo of the entire family (mom's side) after 8 years. 

That was the happiest moment ever. We were all looking forward to the 1st Raya whereby the family was complete. It was so exciting. Can you imagine celebrating Raya with someone missing? It doesn't sound very full. Just wanted to share my happiest moment with my readers out there.

The Complete Family

Just the girls with my Grandparents

 Preparing for picture. Can you imagine the noise ?? we are loud people.

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