Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Luckily we have discussed on our hantaran's for the engagement. Ours is a little but unusual than most people's but hey, that's what we want. Now i just got to search for the stuff.

Mine from Him

1.Cincin Tunang
2. Tepak Sirih/ Bunga Rampai
3.Sepasang Kain Salinan
4. Telekung & Sejadah
5. Akar Bahar (on a kain merah) with Kerambit

His from Me

1. Tepak Sirih / Bunga Rampai
2. Kain Songket for sampin & Tanjak
3. Sepasang Kain Salinan
4. Sejadah (balck colour) & Baju Silat with Keris
5. Akar Bahar (on a kain Hitam) with sejenis Batu hiasan (i dunno what's it called)
6. Chocolate
7. Cake / Fruits

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