Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Oh My GOSH !!!! I dunno if you guys heard it yet but I literally just found out that KIMORA LEE SIMMONS THE GREAT is coming down to our Kuala Lumpur on November 5th 2011...I am so freaking excited i can't stop tweeting her asking her where she will be and telling her how I want to meet her or I'll die if i don't.

She must be freaked out by my stalker type of tweets. But I MUST meet her!! She is like one of my Idol for successful women. I need to meet her. I have to meet her. I am going insane at my blog also. Sorry guys but its KIMORA...Hello!!!! Who wouldn't want to meet her !!!

Can't imagine how I would react in front of her if I got to meet her even just for 5 minutes. Someone would have to pinch me constantly for weeks to bring me to life. If any of you have any clue on where she will be during her visit in KL please please I'm begging you inform me!! Thank you so much!! 

Life in The Fab Lane - Reality Show 

Gorgeous Woman

Her Beautiful Family

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