Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Discount Web pages

I was looking through my junk mail and realized it's flooded with emails from Groupon , milkAdeal and DealMates.These websites are great for B2B's who needs manicures and pedicures, facial, massages etc. It is all SO cheap. They even have some discounts for hair treatments ans spa's.
If you look closely, these websites should be B2B's No 1 priority. You get great offers like :

Wedding Album
Massage & Spa
Hair Saloon
Holiday Packages (honeymoon)

These are what we B2B's need so badly. Well, maybe you might have your own photographers but surely their deal packages come with certain amount of albums. With this, you can get extra albums, and some also offer portraits. Trust me guys. Sign up for the web pages above and you will not regret.

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