Monday, 31 October 2011

Date Night

Had a wonderful date with my Abing thats what I call him..don't ask why!! at Pavilion. We had Pepper Lunch for dinner. It was not great. Read many reviews on how it was so delicious etc but was very upset. Over priced fried rice with choice of chicken, beef or salmon. Nothing great. To be frank, it was dull and tasteless. Did I mention expensive "nasi goreng" = fried rice ?? Just not my cuppa tea.

Pepper Lunch @ Pavilion 

Salmon with Rice (I had this)

Pictures : Courtesy of  KwongFeiMind

Oh I bought 5lbs dumbbell from Fitness Concept RM 13.80 each for my work out with Sarah Fit check out my blog roll . And Ikhwan bought new pair of gym gloves. He was so excited. The best part was it took him 20 I'm not exaggerating,just to choose a colour and pattern for his gloves. Like as if when he carries the weights in the gym everyone is going to notice his glove pattern and colour. Funny in that way he is. That's why I love him so much! So adorable...In the weirdest things and ways ever! 

5lbs-Red RM 13.80 each

Adidas Training Glove RM 76.90

Picture : Courtesy of Fitness Concept

Anways, we watched Real Steel and it was Awesome with a capital A. Seriously, to those who have not watched it, it's a must-watch movie. Such a cool, interesting action type of movie and so touching. I cried during some parts and Ikhwan was like looking at me weirdly...It is sad!! Trust me. And the fact that Hugh Jackman was acting in it ?? Hamna hamna hamna...That made me cry even harder. I can't touch him and that makes me sad *kidding*..No I am serious...*sigh*

Real Steel 

Oooh we had our favourite Pearl Tea too, although we both never order milk tea cause we don't take Milk Tea. We are funny in odd ways.The both of us. But this place in Pavilion,Ochado, at the Tokyo Street Fair has the best Grape Yoghurt Aloe-Vera Pearl drink. Go try it when you are there. And just a reminder to you guys, never I mean NEVER try and suck the Pearls from the straw when there is no liquid left. I almost chocked when 2 pearls flew into my mouth straight into my throat. Ikhwan called me "gelojoh" = greedy !!! Hehehe

Ochado @ Pavilion Level 6 , Tokyo Street

Overall, it was such a nice date. Can't wait till this Saturday to go out with him again. And of course to start my DIET and WORKOUT sessions tomorrow!! Love him and miss him already!!

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