Sunday, 16 October 2011


My Merisik is on Jan 1st 2012. It's getting really close and I am putting on weight. So to all B2B's out there I am putting myself up for a boot-camp challange. I will start a serious diet with exercise tomorrow and will keep you guys updated on my weekly routine and hey..we can all do it together and be the size we want for our very important day.So let the boot-camp begin!!
 My first daily menu. And this is what I am going to eat for this entire week and feel the change in my body (hopefully I will feel lighter) I aim to lose 3-4 kg per month. *phew*

Breakfast : 1 serving of NESVITA 3in1 Honey Flavour
Lunch: 1 cup of Campbell Mushroom soup with 2 toast
Tea: Nestum with Milk
Dinner : Lean Shake (GNC) with milk + toasted muesli with banana

Let's hope I survive the first week of my strict diet!! And of course I will be doing exercise. Just normal ones that you can do in your own room. 
Sit Ups - 3 sets (20 each)
Lunges- 3 sets (20 each)
Squats- 3 sets (20 each)
Jumps- 3 sets (20 each)

Let us keep it simple for week 1 and feel the change in our body. And remember guys!! Most important thing is WATER. Drink PLENTY of water. I am gonna drink a glass every hour, just to keep my skin hydrated since my diet does not involve meat and vegetable (I am on a serious strict super strict diet as I am out of time) 

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