Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Black & White

I have finally figured out my theme colour for my engagement!!'s gonna be BLACK & WHITE. Have always wanted that but my mom says it's not nice to do black & white. So since I will NEVER be able to do it for my wedding, I might as well do it for my engagement. Ikhwan Sha has also always liked that theme colour. In the end we both get what we like. Yeay !! 
Now that i have figured out my theme, i can start the planning and the surveying for all my decorations. I have decided to do a candy buffet with nice paper flowers all in black and white with lace (its such an in-thing and it looks gorgeous). And as for my door gift, am gonna use the Milk Carton idea.

Only thing is the actual gift.I wanted to put 2 macaroons in each box originally and thought that would cost a bomb for 50 guests = 100 macaroons. This weekend, since I have no plans, I will be experimenting in the kitchen Going to try bake my own macaroons. If it turns out great than yeay for me!! If not back to Reese's Buttercups.

Which reminds me guys, I am in the midst of learning how to fold the Kain Baju, Duit Hantaran (for wedding) and even the sampin into a Tanjak into nice patterns. If they turn out awesome i will post a video on the tutorials for you guys. And of course ALL my decoration stuff and ideas !! 

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